.the big G no more?

Some things need not be "re-invented", yeah I'm talking to you Mr. Juszkiewicz! ..Juszkiewicz and co. have been "improving" and/or "re-inventing" an iconic sixstringer for years, and woops one day it progressed right down the shitter! No more big G.. Now, we have all heard rumours for years about the big G/Juszkiewicz and management besides... Continue Reading →

.goody two shoes, size 12.5

"Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful." ~ George Orwell Me; I'm not a political person as such but I do find some kind of strange entertainment value in showbiz for the ugly ;Better known as politics. The Orwell quote becomes a truer truth when reflecting on James Comeys "A Higher... Continue Reading →


No workshop or guitars today! ..it's outdoors creation time in the fantastic danish spring sun! Building a terrace for/with the chief, aka the wife - and I got me some expert help for this, my dad 😉 ❤ /cheers

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