I’m antitheist or a non-theist, not even spiritual, nope nada zip!

That been said, I really don’t care if your just the slightest offended or what your personally believes are as long as you don’t spew or spread you “divine” words of “wisdom” to me, my kids or in public, hey maybe that’s why I only really respect Quakers?

And by far the worst religion these days is the one who call’s it self the “religion of peace”! Oh Lord (pardon my french) what a classy hate filled war mongering bunch, and now before you start reaching for your best “holy” racist card let me inform you, Islam ain’t a religion of a color or a race! just sayin’! And if you still want to scream your lungs out filled with mumbo jumbo PC hate please go ahead, your own words will of course luckily undermine any argument you might (note i said might) have had to begin with!

Thus – Just let the sounds of your echo chamber “wisdom” be heard! Get it out there, the world need your “truth”! Yes I’ll be right here cheering and clapping, because I do love great comedy! and after your done then please go jihad your self in sad silence, thnx in advance and with best regards, peace out (I mean real peace, not the other one, ahh fuck it! – you know what I mean!)

#trollAlert #triggerWarning

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