.the big G no more?

Some things need not be “re-invented”, yeah I’m talking to you Mr. Juszkiewicz!

..Juszkiewicz and co. have been “improving” and/or “re-inventing” an iconic sixstringer for years, and woops one day it progressed right down the shitter! No more big G..

Now, we have all heard rumours for years about the big G/Juszkiewicz and management besides “re-inventing” classics treated their own people and many of their endorsees like crap, right or wrong? who the f* knows, BUT!!

Gratz Juszkiewicz! This is what happens when your full of it, you’ve lost what you once had and now you got nothing to show for it! Dirty greed always backflips and hits your sorry a* and while you where out on a bad case of “re-inventing” and spewing hideous 6 string-freaks you totally forgot; tradition, vibe and fans, and at the same time jerking price tags like it’s nobody’s business! (Sorry, ma’bad, it kind of was, yours!) – All in all, it just makes the big G loose it’s tone, and tune!?

btw: “Re-Invention”? (Min-ETune)
Yeah, that’s right Henry Juszkiewicz, you just go ahead and bet on people who’s too lazy or can’t tune a f* guitar to buy your overpriced pieces of cnc-furniture-axes!

..it’s a winner, all the way to the bank(rupt).

Pssst! Mr. Juszkiewicz – What’s wrong with just building a damn good guitar at a price tag that’s not bat shit crazy? I googled it and I actually found a very nifty model, it’s called Les Paul after Lester William Polfus, one skilled dude you know, you should look into this Mr. Juszkiewicz, that is when your done being “progressive” and selling out… – literally!