I Wont Cut My Grass

I might be right, I might be wrong
now I remember why I hate this song
Grass in my food, grass on my back
and your boyfriend kinda dig that.

Its on the top, its on the edge
+ on someones chin in Marrakech!

I think that bald is beautiful
though I like grassy Harry too
I wont cut my grass!
Chicks will dig my ponytail
my hairy back will never fail, so
you can all kiss my…***

Well politicians, got furry lips
from kissin’ side to side when they flip
They comb it left they comb it right
ain’t got much grass on top or inside.

I’m watching you, who’s grass you kiss
by the traces on your hairy lips!

Shiny spots are beautiful
but I like grass thick as wool
and I never ever cut my grass!
Honks will dig that ponytail
my hairy back with fur so pale
so you can all kiss my grass!

He thinks bald is beautiful
but we like muff and hairy stew
and we will never cut he’s grass!

Only sick fucks digs this tale
monkey boys and skanks’ from hell
you can all kiss our grass!

These lines are very long
we really hate this shitty song,
so you can all kiss our ass!

We might get high, in grass we know
better kiss the ass you know..

..you can all kiss!
..kinda like this!
..you can all kiss this…***

Written by Johnny F.W. Nielsen

Dedicated to Dirty “Hairy” 😉

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