.rock “musicians” these days

Hey kid’s, this is Van f* Halen before everything went south in the shitter! Yeah, pre- fuckin’ Jump, Hagar/chickenfoot or wolfie..

Just talented charismatic people shining and playing damn good songs, no f* autotune or main-stream-“hits”-striving, just making it happen with strong riffs and lyrics that have no deeper meaning than apple-pie, which I happen to love..

So, where is the music happening today? No kid’s are looking at album-covers and go “wow” i’d like to sing or play like that! – It’s all Ass, Bieber, Kardashian (a lot of ass), stupid Snapchat and Spotify! Nahh, don’t bother bruuh, cuz’ you’d be lying if you said there is any authentic good artists of today!!

Appropriate Quote: “These days everybody’s got a home studio, but where the f* is all the good music?!” ~ Billy Sheehan

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