.White privilege is bliss

You know, I came into this wonderful world as a fine young nazi jew and a proud white supremacist male, I learned from the get go I was born to rule and that I had the duty to hit and abuse women. It was required by white male and a god given law that I should be performing sexual acts on my slaves when they reached the legal age which of course as every white male know is just about 5 or 6 years of age.

Oh well, the boring stuff aside, I was conveniently born into loads of greens and I never had to search or apply for a job or stand in line for anything really, this privilege is just my god given right you know! Yes, I know it’s kind of silly but I like being me! Oops sorry there, I mean white of corse! Because colors really give me the creeps, especially if it’s dark, then it’s urghh and cringe provoking, it makes me wanna go and find my trusty old whip for some odd reason? ..and I have noticed lately something mysteriously makes my hand go crazy and  make these sudden odd gestures like reaching up repeatedly while I’m involuntarily snapping my heels? I will admit this is kind of weird!? Oh well it must be inherited I guess, my father had the same problem for years and years?

Anyway, these days I’m just a happy old pale patriarch and privileged slave-owner counting my increasingly growing stacks of all those cotton-picker greens, and I’m wondering what country to invade next?

Now now, don’t look so sad there boy, it’s all just white bliss, natural selection if you will? you know theres nothing we can do about it, or should do about it really!

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s about time to get my shaved white bollocks fondled so i’ll be good and ready to go and conquer some poor nation by tea-time!

/cheerio there old chap..

#trollAlert #triggerWarning

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