.the square and the tower

Bravo Niall Ferguson! Good and clear! Must read for everybody who wants to red pill ’em selves!

Me? Is there “conspiracies”? of course! But still, too much bullshit comes via misc. spins-off’s and non-historical “facts”, insane conspiracy perspectives leading simple minds to the shiny whirl of rabbit-holes and false on-going narratives, to the confusing point that nobody seriously will touch the matter in a true empirical way!

I know I know – some folks can be just too f* stupid and wilingly naive to realise what’s driving everything! = Power! No, it ain’t even a great mystery! Just an old-fashion fact, still oddly sexy though! AND if we simplify brush conspiracy-theory of as a non-issue belonging in the “tin-foil-hat and echo-chamber department” Yeah, that’ll help?!, that will clear things, sure!?

I give it: ★★★☆☆ (Very good, but a little dry)

ISBN: 35629744

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