.nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

Hey man, all bibles are great, they really are! – There’s evil monsters, burning bushes, incest, rape, blood sacrifices, people riding on winged horses, beheadings to suit everyones needs really, and many acts of amazing ritual-torture, not to mention all those creative holy tribal mutilations, yeah you know just about everything your inner beast craves!

But tell me this: Just as with any other good fairytale, why does anybody think it’s true? – you know really real as i.e. Star Wars, Lord of the rings etc.?

Oh wait!? Oops, sorry there ol’ chappers’ I might just have been guilty of creeping a lie on ya’?! –  Just checked, Lord of the rings ain’t real! I apologise, ma’bad! “LOL”!

/please don’t send the inquisition team before lunch, nobody likes that you know?!

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