.the strange death of europe

The Strange Death Of Europe by Douglas Murray – published 2018

If your looking for hard bottom-line facts, and don’t mind getting red-pilled from the massive whirl of immigration-noise “facts”! this is a non-biased version all based on official numbers and all in all a very sober view on the real challenges with the on-growing neo-immigration we are experiencing right now, primarily viewed through the European facts and statistics microscope! Thus the title..

The Strange Death Of Europe is your goto source!

Simply a truly outstanding and a must-read book by Douglas Murray.

I give it: ★★★★★ (★)

*yeah, one extra (★) for Murray, because the content is un-geek’ish, the lingo is straight to the point, not over-simplifying, a damn good book and these kind of books are only few and far between!

ISBN: 33584231

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