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Single motherhood has skyrocketed in US (71%) according to Candace Owens since the welfare system was implemented in the US, however this ridiculous high number is not my point; In Denmark we now have the highest “score” (29,6% – 2017/Eurostats) in unemployed single mother parenthood in the whole EU, if this is all true and as it is from the official statistics I assume it is. – Can the reason for this be;  That we now in 2018 have an increasing female non-tolerant pc culture with toxic double standards towards males and the socialistic system that provides them with the most lucrative social benefit system in the world? I don’t know, but it makes me stop and think?

– Croatia: 5,3% (2017)
– Sweden: 25% (2017)
– Germany: 16,3 (2017)

Well; I notice this kind of stats, they may well be triggering because I’m a from a broken home myself and growing up as a young struggling man without a father in the home and only hearing female sides and issues – Let’s just say I might be somewhat biased? With love and respect, of course! 

/Now before you reach for your best “pc-sjw-card” I totally support everybody’s need and right to be in depended and I really do support economic umbrellas 100%, and NO child shall suffer for grown up’s foolish issues; I’m just sayin’ – Is this the best we can do? What kind of society spawns potentially from this?! Hey, what do I know? I’m just a silly one track-minded patriarchal cracker male..

Obviously it’s not ok to say; Why don’t you have a job mom? – At least according to >> http://www.singlemotherahoy.com/2015/08/things-its-ok-to-say-to-a-single-mother.html




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