If you all think so! ..then absolutely NOT!

I’m more like your local “watering” hole bartender, while I load up your greasy glasses I on occasion do hear and see you and your “friends” on the other side, and my gawd you man-apes really do throw stupid shit around from time to time, maybe more than should be allowed!? But, it doesn’t give me a any reason to hate you, or “call you out”! No biggie! – Just own it, that’s all!

Look, I’m just trying to get some steam of this bat-shit-crazy ride so we all can enjoy our lives as we like to live it! – AND laughing at you, your friends and your opponents is a very crucial ingredient to the developing of our common healthy relationships, ok? That’s all, No harm done ol’ chap!

/Now, how about some duck-face french kissing and a nice warm venom-snake shot! Anyone?

..cheer up you silly c*nts!

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