.mic dropped

Maajid Nawaz tackles a ‘Feminist’ Muslim Who Said She’d Burn In Hell If She Didn’t Wear A Hijab.

‘Feminist’ Muslim; When i wear my hijab I feel unique, it’s about who you are as a person, the way you behave, the way you act, it’s more complicated than just plain head-gear, when I’m wearing my hijab, it makes me proud of who I am and my religion and more aware of that I’m a good person!

Maajid Nawaz; So why doesn’t a man wear a hijab to be proud to be muslim?

(awkward silence)

..mic dropped!

I give Maajid Nawaz; ★★★★☆
AND I would have gone; ★★★★★ maybe even ★★★★★ + ★ if he had denounced his muslim faith then and there! But we’ll get there in due time..

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