.up or down?

Why; In particular with new born Christians, does it seem just like they have been hypnotised, suddenly knowing all the answers and speak in vile old hebrew tongues!? Being like; I know what it is I’m so-pose to do with my life now that I got morals and a purpose!

It must be a nice feeling though, am I a little envious maybe?!

/Nahhhhh, f* that!! – Came to think of it; just who are these potential candidates for “heaven” vs. them other candidates to the burning fires of doom! Sh*t I’m’a going doooown man, O’lord I’m going down

(I’m on the highway to h…♬♩♪♬♬ – hell yeah, punish that G string Angus! cuz’ I’ma’ go’ down)

(Dear Gawd! You know I luv’ya, I’m only kiddin’ you know that right? please forgive me, I’ll be a good boy for the rest of the day, I won’t eat cake, I won’t watch much porn!! Pleeease!!)

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