Nothin’ wrong here! Move along!

Media; Well, we got some nice cake baking contests for you, a top view on silly people who can’t handle their own lives or their finances, a little bit of emotional porn here and there, just enough to get you going, a little pinch of entertainiel war-scare with some old buffed up dividing lies along with the tasteful tribal but very innocent hate now on shiny new bottles!

Thus; Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright, it’s just entertainment really, scare and fear-mongers repeating their scripted usual “journalistic” agenda’s to keep you where you belong, you know – In line! Don’t mind, you just go ahead, turn on your favourite channel and enjoy the nice and necessary weather forecasting, because you have to know if it’s gonna rain this weekend, in that case your’ll need to rearrange your planned picnic and just go to the mall? – Yup, rap it up with some fresh coffee before nap-time, and there you go! Goodnight good citizens, it’s a new day tomorrow and the treadmill awaits your significance.

..everything is alright, everything is ok! we’re in perfect shape! (repeat after me) everything is alright, everything is ok! we’re in perfect shape!


(Oops sorry, please don’t hurt me)

#trollAlert #triggerWarning

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