.who rules who?

Looking at those who looks upon the world can be very entertaining, it can be self-teaching and sometimes leading to many strange inner reflections and processes, it may be leaving even more questions unanswered than you had going in, it may even be an unsettling realisation casting new lights on your basic preference and grid of what’s what? what’s right or wrong? you may even be battling the clear distinction between what you think of as in “good” or “bad”!? ..as you should!

It’s in these whirls; I sometimes wonder who’s actually the clever ones? – The ones who doesn’t care to know? or the ones that think it’s important to know? The latter very often thinks much high of them selves – “the seekers of “truth”, knowing the right theories, got all the updated spreadsheets, have memorised all the important bellcurves produced by “great minds” claiming the upper right view on all and by that holding the only significant stands to everything! – those types! (You know, the other ones, not us! ..comedy aside, if possible at all these days?)

Maybe all I’m asking is; If holding the massive NOW known proofs of X highest as superior, the basic ingredients to the fine art of “not-giving-a-sh*t” may be winning by miles in a form of richer intelligence not teachable, not learnable, but more instinct-abled?

i.e; We all know cats don’t give a toss, to them we’re just personal human slaves, they care only about what’s for dinner, making new cats and if there’s a comfortable chair to lay and lick a paw in, not having to reflect or speculate! ..at all!

Now, tell me again O’wise men, who’s the clever ones?!

Me; I would just like to get on with my writing, but a cat is right now having some kind of a weird staring contest from the other side of the table and are clearly challenging my hopeless avoiding eyes! ..now it’s loosing battle time! – ok, now it’s about.’ehh!? Yeah, it’s Whiskas time alright.. (God damn it, I’m such a f*cking moron!)

/to be continued..

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