.a awkwardly hilarious big boom or a new bang? (situation)

“Potentially hazardous’ asteroid bigger than Golden Gate bridge hurtles towards Earth”

Just a day after being discovered dangerously close and approaching Earth, an asteroid, potentially capable of causing significant damage, has darted past our planet nearly missing it (again) on an astronomical scale. While rare at that size, asteroids more than a quarter-mile wide are capable of causing a disaster on a global scale. Astronomers across the globe are rigorously applying efforts at detecting and tracking near-Earth objects (NEOs).

/Now; Wouldnt it be kind of awkward and hilarious in a weird way if; As we “knows-it-all” human-apes who is really committed bad to destroy this gift of a blue planet by bombing, poisioning and undermining each other for gold, ego’s and power, and then along comes the true master, you know the Universe! And just goes; Oh? So you think you have a doom machine punks? Let me show you a REAL doom machine dum mother f*ckers! C”ya!

/the end (the real end you fools!!)

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