.the emperor of the united states

Me; In a time where hero’s are few and far between, here is the short-story of Joshua Abraham Norton, the emperor of the United States.

Norton was born in England, raised in South Africa and came to San Francisco in the 1840’s and made some shrewd business deals, making around a quarter of a million dollars. But then he pushed his luck too far buying rice from Peru and lost all of his money overnight.

Some say that he lost his mind as well and he disappeared for a while without a trace. But a couple of years later he was seen again when he marched into the office of the San Francisco Bulletin with a proclamation that read:

‘I, Joshua Norton, do hereby at the request and desire of a great majority of the citizens of these United State, declare myself Emperor of America and Protector of Mexico.’

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So, a 21 year reign, didn’t invade any countries, didn’t steal lands, was endorsed by he’s people and conquered many hearts! Now that’s what I call a true Emperor!

Remember this;

Knowing is nice, but believing is raw power! Even if one is bend by socially accepted norms. or maybe just because of it! – Thus, it is always preferable to remain absolutely nut’s than plain out boring!

/cheers folks, stay bizzy making trouble!




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