.the war against boys

The War Against Boys – First published 2000 

The objection to this book written here make her point for her. Neo-Feminists object that Christina Hoff Sommers should focus more on poor and/or black people etc. The fact is; In every demographic group the boys are doing worse in school. And boys and young men are more likely to be victims of bulling and are more frequently a part of the sad dark suicide statistics.

note; A position is not refuted by saying another issue is more important. For years we have heard how girls need to be “empowered” and boys need to be changed. Well all the numbers show girls do have power and the teacher attention in schools, and boys can only change so much.

The post feminist mantra and comparison that boys are the “slave owners” of society shows the hate-agenda modern fake feminists has for todays males.

This book points directly at the mean spirited femisists that think masculinity is a disease to be cured. It is laughable that Christina Hoff Sommers gets called cruel when this book is mild compared to much of what passes for so called “gender studies.” If she offends people by not attacking the post modern feminists accepted targets, you know; men and boys, Well, it’s a winning situation on all accounts!

I give it: ★★★★★ (★) – One extra ★ because this is a very important topic and it is crucial that this knowledge is being heard and spread, the hate towards our boys and men must be put to shame!

Come on girls, show the world you ARE better than this!

ISBN: 27996

/now, grow the f* up femTart-Tingle Bell(s), and stop blaming men for your issues, your’ll end up looking stupid! ..oh wait, sorry, you already do! Ma’bad!

..boys will be boys, let’s keep it that way girls!

btw: It’s worth to mention; While women more often have suicidal thoughts, men die by suicide more frequently. The psychological dilemmas and aspects of this is just mind boggling  See; Gender paradox in suicide etc.

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