.goody two shoes, size 12.5

“Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful.” ~ George Orwell

Me; I’m not a political person as such but I do find some kind of strange entertainment value in showbiz for the ugly ;Better known as politics. The Orwell quote becomes a truer truth when reflecting on James Comeys “A Higher Loyalty” Autobiography/memoir.

In short; If you hate Trump you’ll find the book loaded with some feel-good moments and some nicely biased smears to support your left/democrat narrative, but if you love Trump your probably not gonna read this anyway, but if you did, you might find it very boring as it comes over as just another self-glorified whitewashing spawned from the crypto-left/democrat trench.

Comey’s virtue signalling has no limit!

Yeah, Comey might be spilling some “hurtful” beans on this US 45th President we here in Scandinavia mostly know as that odd showbiz character with orange skin color a silly hairstyle and really awkward tweets! Unfortunately Comey ends up portraying himself as the ugly duckling becoming a swan and the one holding higher moral grounds and not revealing anything worth the while.

I give it: ☆☆☆☆☆ – Lame, predictable and edited through “do i look good now mom?” and some “please love me” enhancing filters, but it does leave you with a better understanding of why “Politics” is showbizz for the ugly, inside and out!

ISBN: 9781529000825

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